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To relieve the itching incident to acute eczema carbolic acid

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deontology an important point which in Europe remains to be

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Therefore it is my opinion that if the tooth is so diseased as

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being the usual termination in from three to five days.

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guarding the purity of the milk supply is said to give very good

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Aspiration of insulting matter into the lungs must always be

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condition as copied from St. Cyr by Fleming in his Text Book

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the author of the treatment himself Dr. Cuguillere. The se

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tion with animals affected and carrying open lesions. Indeed on

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etc. General ill health is also an etiological factor. By many

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the presence or absence of urinary symptoms should be considered

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morbid condition present. Mucoid sputum is glairy clear and tough

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or the administration of diarrhea mixtures containing hematoxylon.

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or three leeches to the pit of the stomach followed by a warm

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vention meeting place away from city noise and on a cool lake

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Synonym. Gastrectasis gastrectasia dilatation of stomach.

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It is supposed by some to be hereditary and would certainly ap

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The liquor of the iodide of iron taken in doses of from twelve

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Symptoms. These depend upon the amoimt of hypertrophy