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Trophic changes also involve the skin often advancing to ulceration

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left in position until the following morning when the limb was

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A purgative should be immediately administered consisting of

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delirium convulsions and coma death resulting from toxemia

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medicament after the lapse of a few days as the mucous mem

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epigastric region and associated with disorders of digestion.

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are still growing thus the burden is divided which otherwise

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Immediate or direct percussion is performed by striking the

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stage of cerebral congestion or vasomotor paresis much good may be

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Similar changes occur in the liver spleen intestines and other organs.

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but shows signs of collapse. Strychnine is prescribed and dilu

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piration not accelerated extremities are cold nose cold and dry.

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ing tearing and cutting the urine passes only by a few drops at

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Oligochromemia consists in a deficiency in the hemoglobin. It is

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with the remedy dissolve twelve globules in twelve teaspoonfuls

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dissolved in c.c. of distilled water and boiled after which it is

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for lunch to meet at the veterinary hospital for clinics.

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England to make out a list of hereditary unsoundnesses which

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Pathology. The affection is considered to be a trophoneurosis.

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the pneumatic cabinet or bells. A useful remedial measure is

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Norton Grand Rapids Wis. EmmittOtto Clarksville Mich. E

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Dr. Nobles reported a cure by hypodermatic injection of

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in its course permanent loss of vision may occur due to retinal

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central myelitis and inflammation tratunatism or other distvirbance

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of progressive economy which may prove but the pioneer of

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radial pulse is conspicuous for its slight tension.

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burning wrenching pain in the ball of the great toe or some other

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anything could be done as he had lost two cows a short time

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habits should be regular and the mind kept cheerful by society and

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Me.rcurius. Stools attended with colic and straining passages

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assuming a bluish hue all these symptoms continuing for a few mo

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The majority of cases do well after a few doses of either compound

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tance. To make this possible for me in the Berliner Tierdrzt

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The meeting then adjourned to meet on Wednesday April

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Recovery Z gt r. Pietro Ghislent. This mare turned loose

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precordiuin he is seized with an indescribable fear and a premonition of

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diseases incident to it labor or confinement and its management.

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morning of th but cow died before I could inflate the ud

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tion witli Aconite or Belladonna if there is fever.

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and to endorse the discovery of the American scientists.

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