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fusion of Trailing Arbutus may be sometimes used with advantage.

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infection of wool. More careful and thorough washing of the

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Causes. Among the local causes may be mentioned indigestion

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and covered with a blanket to confine the hot steam. After being

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of pus is indicated by chills irregular fever sweats localized pain

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in association with pericarditis pleurisy and aneurysm of the

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such substances to the diseased area as will induce involution of the

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separating the thumb and finger moistened with a solution of gum

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forward this affidavit or veterinarian s certificate together with

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Historical School calls itself rightly scientific in its methods for

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trusion of the eyeball the exophthalmos which may be confined to

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individual laryngeal structures false vocal bands interarytenoid

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When pericarditis terminates in recovery a morbid hyperirri

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as possible or in the position of orthopnea. Often the dyspnea is

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by walking. It is sometimes caused by exposure to cold and some

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to supervene at any time a surgeon should be consulted early as a

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some particulars Well he replied he failed mentally

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good plan to sponge the child ni ht and morning with the same

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used put six drops in a tumblerful of water. Take a teaspoon

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cord are first involved. Their destruction is not a simple wasting

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with strawberry or raspberry syrup. Cocoa will sometimes be

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Sphygmographic observations usually disclose alterations in the pulse

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drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol/levomefolate calcium and levomefolate calcium kit sandoz inc

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creased by breathing and coughing dry suppressed cough increased

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peated every fifteen minutes until it operates is an efficient

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punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars or by im

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require morphine bromides chloral or Yiyosdne vj c atoxc

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frontal sinus bored with a gimlet to let the water off the

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twelve globules in twelve teaspoonfuls of water and give a tea

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general distribution not limited to the follicles its oozing character

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Surgical intervention is the only treatment of lasting value but the

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the pain shoots downward to the groin there is frequently a draw

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orchitis and being desirous to test the new discovery I injected

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ceous matter the vernix caseosa is a physiological process.

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whole abdomen and shoots up into the left shoulder the skin is

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had several of these cases this winter and all have made good

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scarcely a trace of secreting tissue remains. These changes may

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excessive aconite veratnmi viride or nitroglycerin is indicated.

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valuable work and contributions to veterinary literature. I

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annual banquet of the Iowa State College Veterinary iMedical

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of first importance that a complete study be made of all the

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tute should be provided. I would strongly advise against anything

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according to the peculiarities of the child. As there is generally

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The Hydropathic The Eclectic and The Herbal so that recourse

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Usually when the lesions are seated very superfidally the following

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breathing and the air of the room should be fresh and cool. The