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If in the latter stages of the disease there be much debility the

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chilliness which soon extends over the whole body. Pc J .

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Nnx Vomica. When from study or from drinking tea or coffee.

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work inability to stand exertion impaired memory vertigo and

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it can be taken without unpleasant symptoms. Too much liquid

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Mix well and divide into four doses and take one every hour

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detail of the hygiene should be improved. Peptonized milk should

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This was a three legged colt. The one leg terminated at the

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nearly as large as a broom handle and very tense. The legs were

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of the serous membrane. There was also an enormous tubercu

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the state board of veterinary examiners said board shall be

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As regards new points in mallein treatment I can add noth

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which shift about head very sensitive to touch covered with hot

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of danger and terminates favorably usually within a week.

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find Robert Koch in the seventies obtaining the agreement ap

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appetite becomes deranged and there is in some cases a slight fe

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both lungs. In the neighborhood of bronchiectasis the pulmonary

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pected diagnosis of tuberculosis is made certain by the examin

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stances the percussion note is tympanitic or over cavities as large