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If there is considerable irritation of the windpipe and lungs

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Mercurius. When Aconite has diminished the fever but there

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cathartic as calomel and jalap or an infusion of Senna.

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given sample of urine has a specific gravity of. it will contain

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situn iodide alone should be given. A generous diet together with

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Oarbonica. These remedies should be given lor a week or more

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urination give Arsenicum and Carbo Veg. in alternation. Sulpliui

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nerves which are usually operated upon for lameness and re


pulmonary artery to which cerebral anaemia joins and is fol

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application of metaphysics. Hence even such strong men as St.

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Always preceded by catarrhal symptoms as sneezing cough run

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and is attended by rapidly developed pain flatulency borborygmi

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thighs when she attempts to walk. These symptoms however

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sudden exertions the action of drugs which some women aie

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but other organisms may be responsible for the condition notably

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This however is only due to lack of experience as this method