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thirst and perspiration motion during the fever or sweat causes
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Adminstration of Remedies. Dissolve twelve or fifteen globules
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On making inquiry I was informed that about six months
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Others and the wound packed with pure Tannoform a pad of
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employed constantly. In chronic glossitis silver nitrate in stick
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seen one instance in the cow and have found no record of its
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refuses food and drink no history. Diagnosis poisoning.
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teamsters strike shows a most satisfactory state of trade. Ar
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it. The successful breeder must divest himself of all sentiment
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baths will be found beneficial. Constipation may be relieved by
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joung fowls and tender game soft boiled eggs milk beer and
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normal laryngeal breathing only in intensity and duration.
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now in use furnishes protection against natural infection can
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Mix Dose a tablespoonful in a wineglass of water repeat every
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diseased the condition is designated combined valvular disease of
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the left by the spleen and on the right by the liver.
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which are one third of the natural size. If one goes on the
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Administration of Remedies. The above medicines may be given
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following may be used Equal parts of tinctures of Lobelia and
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are given Daniel Elmer Salmon Arthur Manly Farring
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quite serious. Cattle are troubled a great deal with ticks B.
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in the acute infectious diseases and in the several cachexias.
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brane readily becomes accustomed to the remedy and then no
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characterized by acute onset high fever terminating usually by crisis
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the anal region is shaved washed with etherial soap rendered
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active exertion should be restricted and tVie tecAaxiCoesiX. v c
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and a temperature of or degrees continued for two or three
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and I was reluctantly compelled to tell her owner that I feared
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to the secretion originally deficient in cellular elements. If the
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Following this demonstration the meeting was again called