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In addition to the meastu es already mentioned the frequency and

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Purulent meningitis may follow trauma to the brain or chronic

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For chronic gastritis the following remedies may be used

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every day. At the end of three weeks change to another remedy

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organs have become displaced downwards. In some cases in

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blood caused by the inbreeding. Almost a parallel example of

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Dr. Henry Hartshorn of Philadelphia recommends the following

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diarrhoja difficulty of swallowing or pain in swallowing intellect

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tional doses of calomel are sometimes preferred. After the stomach

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Here is a man attempting to discover the etiology of a certain

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The mind center has long been considered as located in the

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Dry catarrh is characterized by a harsh cough a feeling of sore

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pressure is at times induced by bodily over exertion for instance

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is a rise of temperature due to irritation of the heat centers.

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and difficult sharp pain on pressing between the ribs palpitation

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God s grace you finally made it. You accomplished what you

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and in the meanwhile assume the conclusions generally arrived

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of some impending calamity loss of ambition and energy constant

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Cause. It is caused by the presence of a very minute insect

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by letter or telegram to inspectors in charge of stations for which

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