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Etiology. The cause is unknown probably it is due to hyper
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it is by no means easy to examine in this way persons suffering
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the layman although conscious of it never knows when it ap
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altered in disease and both sotmds especially the inspiratory have
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tity of prepared gelatine or Russian isinglass in water to which
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Prognosis. An acute congestion of the Itmgs may prove fatal
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external causes. Externally dusting powders such as zinc oxide and
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resistance of all of the vaccinated animals to the inoculation has
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general health gradually suffers from insufficient nutrition and
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the other to examine either the viscera or the internal appear
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Lemon juice a tablespoonful every two or three hours or warm
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tion of the bowels by the fact of pressure affording relief the
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the uterus was found. Case. Clinically this was just the
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Bryonia and Hellebore. If the patient sleeps with eyes half
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be given. A mustard poultice applied to the stomach will some
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The following liniment may be used after the pain has been re
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infected bovine host the eggs deposited upon the ground have