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tail the symptoms and causes followed by the general treatment
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leveling the spaces between them with shears and gauge and
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isfying use of which caused me to write this article.
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are resisted by higher powers especially if the requests are un
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phoned for. When I arrived found her up trembling and
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disease the latter having no fixed duration. Lobar pneumonia is
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right costal cartilage is sjrmptomatic of aortic obstruction. A
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by altered urinary secretion and retraction of the testicle.
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tated individuals are especially predisposed to the affection. The
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Tachycardia or increased frequency in the pulse may be physiolog
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geal glands there is a caseocalcareous area one half of an inch
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of tuberculosis found in this animal were as follows At the
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juice as required by the patient. Balm and other teas are made
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ively worse. In some cases the flexor tendons appear to be
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business necessitating it may be disagreeable or horrible acts.
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cold months. At times epidemic occurrence has been observed.
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Yards sick or crippled and that it will be compulsatory to place
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ing the African diseases of live stock. We have also received
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Make a strong decoction of the herbs then add the salts and
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rarely on the vocal cords. They are seldom replaced by tdceration.
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weapon. Please dont ever send me the bill for all the
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stimulants sliould be resorted to such as port wine claret cham
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of such non graduates nor the wishes of their constituents who
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but if the mare survive succeeding foals are born with the same
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Symptoms. There is an increase in the force and frequency of
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The mitral direct or presystolic murmur occurs before the first soimd
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the elastic layer exhibits prominent and variously branched pro
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An intra pericardiac collection is suspected. After a few days
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ice bags and wet cups applied to the chest or venesection can be
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has yet had and making a feature which alone will repay the
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Complications. Bronchitis pneumonia pleurisy pericarditis car
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are taking advantage of facts gained during such experimenta
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The advantage to the breeder of being able not only to grow
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in the nasal passages is of a fibrinous nature somewhat similar to
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will be arrested. If it has suppurated apply poultices till the dead
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iodide and strychnine shotdd be given and galvanism and massage
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the operation for radical recovery viz. the surgical closing of
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puncture and about one half of the other side was removed as
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cerebral capillaries. Any decrease in the normal quantity or im
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The arch of the aorta is divided into three parts the ascending
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or Rochelle Salts or Citrate of Magnesia. If the stomach is in
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thing of a binding nature being avoided such as animal food