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seventh and eighth months it is called premature delivery at this

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Found the mare presenting the most distressed appearance

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Tincture of Gelseminum is recommended to be given in doses of

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tube is pushed on very gently. In withdrawing the contents it

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Pathology. An acute edematous condition of the papillary layer

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regions with intense itching worse at night and a history of contagion

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shoulder. The liver is imiformly enlarged and tender. The com

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A simple dryness and harshness of the skin with only slight furfur


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tmud if the affected arm is moved forward and inward then slow

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error in diagnosis but the absence of localized tenderness above the

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closely watched and as soon as the pulse begins to Hag and the

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his case serious. The patient steadily grew worse and when it

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and atropine sulphate gr. K. gn serves to relieve pain

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Excessive dropsy will call for the administration of compound

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alkaline but in the conditions mentioned above this alkalinity is