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In the discovery of the cause of diseases exhibiting a mala
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the gauze packing. The greatest difficulty in the after treat
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Sjrmptoms. For clinical convenience the disease is divided into
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the more severe forms it is purulent and the inflammation may
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and the lesions undergo spontaneous involution in from a week to
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Prognosis. An acute congestion of the Itmgs may prove fatal
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For some years I have found it no longer possible to publish
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left nipple and the apex at the sternal attachment of the second rib
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days and weeks at times however for only a few hours because
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phases and by usually exhibiting numerous interruptions which
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Purpura urticans is a combination of urticaria and purpura simplex.
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Treatment. Excision with careful and thorough dissection of
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grains. There are also in this gland three other similar areas
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Pachymeningitis interna may be due to blows upon the head
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brane covering the previously swollen structures becomes wrin
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after relief in pill form or solution at ordinary intervals for several
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similar drugs should be administered. Fresh air sunlight exercise
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This may prove very distressing especially to delicate women.
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Hunter College CUM. Post Baccalaureate Premedical Student
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supportive though all these years. I am so blessed to have a wonderful
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the tubercle bacillus may be demonstrated in the sputum of the latter
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field work and in transportation. And it is worthy of remark
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preparations are especially valuable. Fuidextract of jaborandi
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snowstorm of pamphlets containing the results of innumerable
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of the throat with dyspnea laryngeal crises if cardiac pain and tachy
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such unhealthy and dangerous conditions. The farmers near the
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and infraorbital branches of the fifth nerve attended with increased
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Germs are found to be responsible for a large number of the diseases
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ditions of weakness or insufficiency of the myocardium it is equally
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hydrargyri dilutum zinci phenolsulphonas formerly known as
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ville N. J. the last two gentlemen being delegates from the
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facts the formalin preservation of the milk will revolutionize