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careful avoidance of pond running or well water which might

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attention and has been studied by practitioners of both professions

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a favorable habitat for them. Care should always be taken not to

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ally increasing the temperature is often very effective. During

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isting condition and not a primary factor in producing disease

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The vesicular mtmnur may tmdergo in disease changes in its

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the early stages it is best to withhold feeding later brandy TUv to

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and he squeals with pleasure. His general condition does not

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of the ear paralysis of the nerve of the ear. It often follows

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it is for this Association to determine whether we have enough

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anmionitun chloride etc. should be freely administered. In cases

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three be appointed by the President to present the beautiful

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meeting with the clinic omitted would be shorn of more than

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ciated. A characteristic sign of the disease is the abolition of the

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tions of these affections and the basis of diagnosis. Some lesions

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The face is pale green or ashen gray the expression is anxious and

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When due to some general infection the inflammation is more or

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Causes. Active Increased cardiac action overexertion alcoholic

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rusty colored fluid discharged from the vagina. Upon examina

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that could be learned of interest was that the mare never had

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Administration of Remedies. Of the selected remedy dissolve

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veterinarians with a reputation extending over their entire

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ment however is prompt but relapses are frequent due in all

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farms it is necessary to use the third vaccine of Pasteur. Ex

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bandages were removed three days later the lameness eight

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amazing family. Thank you for all of your support. have considered you my

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is produced. Mustard poultices or hot bran poultices should be

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waddle the legs drag behind and are moved forward as a rigid

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various applications recommended in the treatment of tinea tonsurans

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federal inspectors of South St. Paul and Austin be made hon

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Sy.mptoms. Tlie symptoms characterizing this disease do not

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mation of foot described even although he is subjected to the

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Diagnosis. Uremic convidsions closely resemble epileptic attacks

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down the back the patient experiences shiverings and tremblings

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and boil together for two or three minutes sweeten to the taste.