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Diagnosis. Acute pneumonia may be distinguished from pleurisy

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and then return to the first treatment if necessary.

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Triple phosphate in combination with amorphous phosphates

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be used with benefit applied over the seat of pain.

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Athetoid movements are slow more or less rhythmic twisting

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The neck becomes stifi and painful. A swelling soon a ears at

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Sensation is tmaffected. As the morbid process extends upward

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week. It is intended to extend this method as far as possible

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adherent and project into the follicular openings. The central por

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On Aug. the patient was discharged cured. In about one

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numbers can be cared for here more efficiently and with greater ease

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instances in which the discoloration is diffused. The patches of chlo

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cells and cutis is also present. The scarring may result from degenera

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permanent textile materials willow rope or rattan and thus as

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being frequently shaken up and the cover straightened. It is ne

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antine Divisions. The investigations of the Pathological Divi

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such condition exists. I might mention here a few experiments

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rhythmic pronounced distention of the cervical veins but in the first place