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When the child is attacked the cough is hoarse and ringing the
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and is attended by rapidly developed pain flatulency borborygmi
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extremely valuable but the application of it requires a
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ment of the cardiac plexus which is constituted of nerve fibers from the
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In removing the skin that covers the swelling of the arm the
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mentation however are greatly more difficult to ascertain.
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quiet. For food use flour porridge well boiled rice water arrow
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presented at meetings of medical associations and in debate
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any stud book recognized by the Department of Agriculture
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case of colic than you can do with the whole gamut of remedies
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lege. Inspection of laboratories and exhibition of specimens.
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After the development of pleuritis suddenly shaking the patient
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orrhages recurring daily a combination of cupric sulphate gr. H
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and subcutaneous injections of morphin are most likely to terminate
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knowledged as such by men who have had the advantage of
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Dose a powder every two or three hours according to the severity
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Symptoms. Inflammation which produces dropsy is generally slow
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np its legs. Frequently there is stoppage of the urine.
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anticipate abandoning veterinary medicine but has acquired
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We cultivated these three moulds on potatoes and having se
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decreasing the normal slant of the hip which we have estimated
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for the erection of a monument to the memory of Prof. E.
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nor an individual can really advance whose common outfit
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with a full professorship. Dr. Alexander has done a vast amount