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question of the propagation of trypanosoma Evansi. He com

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The symptoms of catarrh of the larynx require especial consid

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horse that reacted most severely a grey of B Troop d Cav

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action is produced. If the pain in the chest continues after this

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Belladonna. Pupil dilated and immovable squinting partial or

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stirring and then strain. Add four pints of water to the dregs

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prehend its history geographical distribution variety of symp

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tures were removed healing being completed and the hernia

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situated in the right inguinal region. Its extraction was per

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ulceration has eaten through the true skin there is left a depres

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substance in varying proportions at whose center is the opening

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Physical Signs. Inspection reveals fullness or prominence of

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Percussion. The resonance is increased hyper resonant over

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vomiting and purging of a thin colorless fluid resembling rice

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ment after Delivery Dressing the Navel Light Temperature Ventila

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there were feelings of fatigue or mental depression without apparent

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depends upon the peculiar state of the atmosphere but what that

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Lowe of New Jersey attended a conference in Philadelphia on

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nuclei are indented or horse shoe shaped and the protoplasm is

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primary diseased condition of the vessels through which the

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reddish and inflamed. The clinical histories of each are entirely

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dam known as the Chas. Kent mare was a daughter of Old One

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sinuses naso pharynx or trauma they are usually sinj le.

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ficulty in turning. Later on in walking the dorso lumbar col

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Ashmead the leprosy expert of New York that Dr. Carras

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Betty Leeds as a grandam and the sister to Old Country

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allows it to hang relaxed over the forearm of the examiner.

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heart. In some instances congenital deficiency of resistance on the

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schools as the one which would prove very probably the most

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past summer all resulting in quick cures the animals being

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quantities of food should be taken at a time. Underdone meats