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commencement exercises of the IMedical Department of the

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our power this exertion giving us new power. And so out of

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Administration of Remedies. Dissolve of the selected remedy

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business necessitating it may be disagreeable or horrible acts.


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peppermint and laudanum and tincture of camphor may be given in

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cough or from the presence of a foreign body in the part.

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Chronic gout is less favorable. The kidney ar jenaX sjcA cax sasi

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according to the existing abnormal condition of the kidneys. Usually

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is usually involved while in those instances observed after birth the

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the sacral region had appeared about August this dis

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conical and its base resting on the ethmoid. It was made up of

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first mbbing the part with snow and later applying ichthyol ointment

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purple and the eyes are glued together in the morning and the

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The diseased cattle were kept in a separate barn and their

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tinued administration of potassitmi iodide and arsenic is of special

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stance more than six generations away. In other words there is

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muscular wall appears of itself the more predisposed to dilatation.

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of milk fever. When we met at Osborn he informed me that

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Causes. Scarlet Fever may be propagated by contagion oi

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Mix. Rub over the affected parts two or three times a day.

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The treatment I suggest is spirits of turpentine in large doses

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safe to exclude the worms as the cause of the diseased condition

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knife. A preparation called Sir Humphrey Davy s Solvent is as

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the Texas Veterinary Medical Association assembled at i p. m.

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The fact that such an Association as this exists and that laws

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cost-effectiveness of ticagrelor versus clopidogrel

ing the introduction of exotic plagues from Europe through the

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they made the list as short as possible and only included the

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poultice applied over the stomacli will relieve in some cases.

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chilliness and slight febrile movement are present. The disorder

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and duration of the sotmd. In the large majority of instances the

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advised for pustular eczema elsewhere is applicable.

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intestinal parasites eye strain etc. usually recover promptly when

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among the veterinarians of many States and at the rate the

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had been cut out with a punch or the mucous membrane boimding

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conferred upon me a year ago by electing me to fill this office