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the meeting pointed out that the members had misinterpreted

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Inspection of the pharynx reveals an intensely red and swollen condi

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is the condition that usually follows influenza or some debilitat

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very late at night at other times less. The off hours are

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Dilatation of the heart is most frequently encountered in men

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take food and showed that she was enduring much pain. Dr.

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duced within the stomach and transverse colon these latter soimds


suitably explain facts they obtain original investigators Cer

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long extending over several years often with periods of quiescence.

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keep me humble but who are always encouraging. Let me end

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syncopal attacks and rarely convtdsions. Premonitory signs may

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tricuspid orifice during the systole thus allowing the blood to flow

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Another good way to remove substances from the eye is to take a

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If the discharge be excessive the following formula of Bartholow

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Symptoms. Acute peritonitis is manifested by a sudden onset with

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in the sphere of your practice and the frequent discussion of ani

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has been observed in connection with lead poisoning mercurial

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For the sore throat the following may be used as gargles

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ticated animal but if it was upon the latter the only modifica

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As a rule however the stools have become so frequent when advice

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iting fullness in the pit of the stomach one cheek red and tke

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know this has been f ough but knovA ing that we made

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given when there is nausea and vomiting with watery diarrhcea

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an ounce. For older children the quantity of milk and cream