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and at the Royal Veterinary College of Hungary wherein

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feeble nutrition of part of the mucous membrane and the action

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patients refuse to even make an attempt at speech mutism.

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trolled by the long continued use of tincture of aconite ITlv. c.c

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more liable than women. Injuries tumors and diseases of the nerv

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neuron is affected see page. The following table from

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from the seed that Mayor Johnson is sowing in Cleveland. We

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and dry and delirium. If in addition to these symptoms there

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continue but the prognosis as to life is favorable. Local warmth

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acids particularly of margaric add are found in piunilent pulmonary

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pharyngeal and sublumbar as far as they can be examined all

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tation. The sputum imder such conditions resembles exactly that

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The Austrian city of Vienna is about to put into operation a

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on percussion. Examination of the inside of the nostril re

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sides in consequence of carbon dioxid narcosis and the attack

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termission. Dropsy chills in part of tlie body with heat in the

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your readers. The subject was a six tooth well bred merino

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Pathology. Tinea favosa may have its seat either in the hair

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the following preamble occurs Recognizing the importance

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in a contest of this kind for of the forty who submitted papers

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waddle the legs drag behind and are moved forward as a rigid

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which a small portion of bismuth subnitrate is mixed with the

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and loss of sleep and are on the whole the most unsatisfactory

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what more rapid in women and children. Dyspnea with slow or

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removing about two litres of blood and injecting three litres of

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ism but that the vaccinated subjects do not resist intravenous

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Bryonia. Head feels as if pressed together from both sides and

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note. A pleural effusion on the left side may also render this area

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Poisoning by clams lobsters muscles etc. give an emetic foi

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Post mortem revealed general anjemia extensive cedema of the

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if the lesion is cortical involving a special center.

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mucous membrane characterized by fever substernal pain a feeling


Nor can we eliminate the foster mother of humanity the

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severe headache convulsions fever to F. in the evening