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rhoids dilatation of the superficial abdominal veins forming the

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diarrhcea. The stomach becomes amp o irritable as to throw off every

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rians into closer touch with each other thus engendering a bet

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instances of these formations and exhibited some fine specimens.

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gout and the eruptive fevers may give rise to acute pharyngitis.

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contracted kidney cirrhotic kidney granular kidney small red

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glycerite of the same of four times the strength the syrup has

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A drop of blood is placed in each solution. The solution in which

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In those cases where there is an elevation of temperature and

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congestion hypertrophic cirrhosis and amyloid infiltration the liver

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potassium bromid also is followed by bronchial catarrh. Trau

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Diet. No meat or heating drinks but water black tea gruels

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with the fattening of animals on beet pulp and refuse beet mo

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During convalescence moderate exercise massage and mild

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Every Syringe has Firm Name Stamped on the Hard Rubber Pipe

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Sensation is tmaffected. As the morbid process extends upward

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The following liniment may be used with good effect

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changing the media in which the bacteria are produced if any

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Higgins has selected the following five gentlemen from the list

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and fro movement synchronous with the heart s action and bears

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Dr. Wood recommends that an injection of Acetate of Lead

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the udder. I should have stated that the cow had a calf the

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about one year after the dropsy makes it appearance. The urine is

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though the left eye was perfectly normal in appearance the pa

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larged liver is found with lots of tuberculous masses of various

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Quinine is an excellent remedy in this disease and may be given

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crosis with the formation of an indolent ulcer. Overwork and pro

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Under some emotion or unknown cause a group or groups of muscles

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occurrence of one or more circumscribed cutaneous or subcutaneous

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times a week. Massage and warm salt baths are also of value.

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or when evacuatino the bowels. Among females besides these

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The following is a good preparation for the complaint

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period elapses the generalized itching returns the ointment is again

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wholly through the untiring efforts of this Association. The

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and the gases absorbed the patient soon dies of suffocation and

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Cut adhesive plaster in strips one and one half inches wide and

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We will not repeat them but will take them up as necessary

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in various points of the mesentery on a level with the origin of

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Definition. A progressive disease characterized by an infiltration

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vessels and cell infiltration have completely disappeared. The hair in

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obtained by boiling. A decoction should be prepared in a covered