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no matter in what region the disease is encountered but the form of

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distinct at the junction of the sternum and the fourth left costal

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correctly there was but one case of tuberculosis found on post

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road to get here. We have had to moke some sacrifices to

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Auscultation reveals the presence of coarse bubbling rMes in cir

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Dr. Lyford s Report on Colleges and Education published in

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refers to a deficiency in the mineral add although adds of fermenta

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The word cerate indicates that the substance to which it is ap

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supported by a bandage preferably one of elastic webbing.

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the margins extremities cold moans and grinds his teeth picks

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whistling or crowing inspiration consciousness returns and the

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occur at regular intervals and by the complete absence of fever

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times a day. We do not wish to imply that carbolic acid has

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measures his words who is extremely careful that his judgment


in the veterinary class room of the Louisiana State L niversity

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ino to Richter the cause of death is the air embolism of the

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the term applied to this condition when the respirations gradually

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To relieve the paroxysm no medication is so effective as the

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this form cannot be procured take a drop of the tincture every

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of the aneurysm or in consequence of pressure disturbances steno

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Steaming the face over a decoction of Boneset Tansy or Hops

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was used on opposite leg drachms of a per cent solution of

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debility excessive study venereal excesses and masturbation.

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sensitiveness of the stomach to pressure burning pains in a small

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Prognosis. Complete recovery never occurs. Well marked cases

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tuberculosis is principally abdominal. In all cases where the

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for when the suppression is occasioned by getting cold severe

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Definition. A myelitis an increase in the connective tissue of

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As the disease advances these symptoms increase in severity.

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