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only by thorough and repeated examination of the heart. If
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those of Xauheim but recovery even under these conditions
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ment was the foundation of veterinary colleges and the multi
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As soon as the patient can swallow a cathartic should be used as
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to whether plans could not be devised whereby books could be
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posterior notch of the fifth vertebra into the spinal foramen.
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vous and hysterical individuals although the affection occurs also
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affection usually manifests itself before puberty and seldom begins
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pitch and in intensity denotes complete consolidation of the pulmon
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me through everything. also have the best sisters a
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moved the niembrana nictitans would cover one half of the cor
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thorough examination of the deeper parts could not be had on
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Locally lotions and ointments containing antipruritics should be
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given. I got to thinking during my ride home that here was
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That is one of the valuable lessons that we may learn from the
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It may be given in doses of a teaspoonful every ten minutes until
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Treatment Rectal alimentation will be necessary to support the
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except near the vertebral groove and a little on the middle and
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composed of two parts of tincture of Black Cohosli and one part
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the same time take three or four grains of Podophyllin with a tea
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some time during pregnancy. Great care should be taken that the
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thready and hardly perceptible respiration is accelerated. On
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has been attended with considerable success I believe.
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may be relieved by applying the Compound Tar Plaster behind the
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Nva Vomica. The same as Cocculus. The patient feels better
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may be superadded to perichondritis of the larynx. Not rarely
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grateful for that. I love you with all of my heart.
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The following localizing signs will serve to determine the situation
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reason of the crippled condition of the kidneys may be brought
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marantic states so that a distinction can be made between inflaininaionj and
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four ounces. Melt them together and add of finely powdered
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clenched. Again spasmodic movements occur varying from slight
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not unfrequently the patient presses the pit of the stomach against
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or mahogany color the tongue is deep red or dark brown and the
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gether with four strong sutures of silk. The flaps of skin were
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dermocljrsis. The fever will require cool bathing or sponging with
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mal was destroyed. At the post mortem the bladder was found
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nose mouth and vagina congested frequent micturation tem
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Prognosis. The majority of cases are extremely intractable but
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insensibility the condition progresses and ends in dementia and
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I then inserted the finger into the meatus and found that one
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The Sulphurate of Potassa in the proportion of one ounce to a
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the course and termination. The distinction between the two varie