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Definition. A disease the tendency to which is usually inherited

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by their superficial rubbing creaking or grating character and by

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In such cases soothing applications are of benefit. Calamine lotion

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Calcarea. Toothache in pregnant females pains in hollow teeth

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large amounts with horses or cattle while dogs are very suscep

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the superior extremities suffer in the same manner as the lower.

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about it as the results seem to be rather unfavorable to this

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temperature and pulse normal. After making a thorough ex

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The lesion consists of a transverse rupture of the prepubian

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they need not fear political changes. Nor can they be lacka

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able. Lard tallow or cold cream may be applied to the face to

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Brain of a Mule which Died ok Enzootic Cerebritis. Transverse Section through

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the ears. When the cause is inflammation or the formation of

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an imaginary obstruction skin incised and oesophagus drawn

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coffee and tea. Causative treatment is indicated when arterio

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to place his relation with the veterinarian upon a business basis

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upon small objects or reading writing sewing painting and the

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tion you not only avoid any congestion of the heart and blood

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which is indispensable for a government official in the civil ser

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able. When it is the result of fimctional overacting in the strong

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If the solution is used dissolve twelve globules in twelve tea

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branches of the coronary arteries. At times aneurysm of a coronary artery

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add the sugar and lastly the sulphuric acid. These are directions

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Prognosis. This is controlled by the severity of the inflammation

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Causes. Whate ver will cause a determination of blood to the

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with a white fur breathing rapid and sickness at the stomach and

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mission of natural science and its methods to the Universities.

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I examined the cow carefully and by questioning got a

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affection but the history and concomitant symptoms of the fot sax.

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chilliness and slight febrile movement are present. The disorder

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rights which are to be considered in questions of condemnation

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The plaster to be melted and the oil added and stirred until

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much reduced give either China Graphites Arsenicum or Na

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five grains of powdered alum with three grains of grated nutmeg


Cuprum. When there are severe spasms of the limbs cramps

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heifer was killed because it was in such bad condition that it

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In the female the vagina should be injected and batlied three or

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some time to come after September i in prescribing so

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tional doses of calomel are sometimes preferred. After the stomach

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Btarch add a little white sugar to sweeten. When the stomach

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Mom and Dad Thank you for your emotional f inandol amp moral

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rounded with great difficulties that of Ostertag also besides

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Facial neuralgia is often wonderfully benefited by the administra

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pus and crystals and the characteristic paroxysms of renal colic.

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Symptoms. Pleurisy like other fevers generally comnuuices

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Low and swampy ground has nothing to do with true foot

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or three hours according to the urgency of the symptoms. If glob

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within or without the lumen of the intestine the most frequent is

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to. gm. in pill before meals or dilute hydrochloric add Itlx