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increasing drops every six hours until drops are taken when it is
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valuable curative agent. The treatment consists in the subcu
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By the abuse of tobacco Nux Vomica Hepar Sulphur Coo
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Removed the brain and fixed it in formalin. The left hemi
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died from it and others are not likely to recover. It is alleged
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of iron etc. Red stools may result from the presence of fresh blood
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who have always had my back both literally and by giving me
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every two hours until sleep is produced. Hop tea may be drank
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For practical purposes it is usually safe to assume that if
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In the immense majority of cases the disease is permanently limited
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without any desire to stool redness of the face rush of blood to
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disorders of digestion increase of temperature low arterial pressure
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all possible for him to do so isolation in an institution is practically
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in both its gross and its microscopical appearance. Such cases
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remedy every two three or four hours or dissolve twelve globules
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A TELEGRAM from Lethbridge in the Canadian Northwest
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the early stages. The superficial arteries are hard and those at the
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which dropping posteriorly into the pharynx causes paroxysms of
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strychnine or digitalis in addition to treatment directed toward the
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tible to its poisonous effects. One might indefinitely discuss va