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Silicea. When the lochia appear each time that the infant is
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tracts her abdominal muscles and then appears through the lips
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solitary dairy inspector notified the department that a number
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Wls. As morning approaches the symptoms decline and the
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iept cool by sponging with ice water or vinegar and water and
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domestic animals are suffering with diseases analogous to those
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The following liniment may be used with good effect
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position is deranged with diminution in the potassium salts. Anemia
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The general condition of the patient must receive careful attention
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Senate and passed the several readings and was passed to be
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Bichrcmacum. A small powder should be given every three or
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same condition as upon the first arrival. Repeating the punct
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sore the lips and adjoining skin. Digestion will become impaired
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is an undisputed fact that an antiseptic poultice affords capillary
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probably due to infection and enlarged tonsils are a predisposing
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by an overgrowth of the reticulum. The blood cells and hemo
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grains two or three times a day and continued for a great length
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Symptoms. First or Febrile Stage. This stage generally com
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and the gases absorbed the patient soon dies of suffocation and
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etewed prunes toast and black tea cocoa etc. Keep the patient
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M. S. The application is melted on a water bath and the
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costal arteries and superior intercostal artery posterior intercostal
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Vinegar Whey. Milk one pint vinegar one tablespoonful
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by the use of Quinine give Carbo Vegetabilis Pulsatilla Sulphur
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Chamomilla. Pressure in tlie stomach as if from a stone
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coating through which project the bright red fungiform papillae it
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So Very Successful was the horse show held in Toronto
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cular emulsion prepared as described above and which con
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pain swelling and hardness the tongue red dry or moist pulse
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skin characterized by sharply circumscribed reddish patches covered
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exertion of the heart has not exceeded a certain degree.
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momanometer cuff avoiding imdue pressure avoid indenting the
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their size is diminished. The capsule is thickened opaque and
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of coordination netu algic pains in the limbs loss of sensation and
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Compound Camphor Liniment. Camphor two and a half ounces
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aspect of the chest and is capable of exerting direct traction on
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accepted me as a daughter. I count on your constant love care and
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In a previous issue the attention of our readers has already been
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pain in the left side stomach and bowels sometimes diarrhcea
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huUosa a bullous development at the summit urticaria papulosa or
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breathing constant dull pains in the head with a sense of weight
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places up as high as the knee and hock. Although the hair
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double hitches class of single hitches driven by ladies
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frequently anxiety with palpitation of the heart apprehensions
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animals their parts and their products which embraces in its
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its principal claim to be practical considers himself an
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senger was a thoroughbred a descendant of a line of the best
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The diet should be liquid preferably milk. Bartholow recommends
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Ktiologfy. Weakness of the myocardium develops most fre