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caused by overloading the stomach and the following symptoms

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means should be taken to remove this and the womb should be

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bacteriological information to enable one to understand the ref

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copaiba belladonna and similar drugs. The affection is devoid

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kidney is displaced and often floating or movable. The left kidney

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diminution in hemoglobin and an increase in the number of white

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followed in six or eight hours by a saline cathartic. Sodium sali

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drug at intervals of a few weeks to prevent discoloration of the skin

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Lint smeared with the ointment is also to be placed between the toes

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tion after which i drop of silver nitrate solution i part to should

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present in eczema and must first be removed to obtain the best

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stomach decayed teeth and neglect of proper hygiene of mouth

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walked in a circle turning to the left the lesion will be found

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anything he ever did. A suggestion Suppose the American

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kept up and for this purpose place hot bricks or bottles of hot

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cases where tliere is slight constipation with sourness nt uic

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either diluted or ftdl strength. Aristol as a dusting powder is very

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by mania associated with hallucinations and delusions. This period

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Clinics will be held on the morning and afternoon of the

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Diagnofids. Hepatic colic may be mistaken for renal colic but in

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stone is brown and spherical oval or polygonaL The shape varies

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pipet. The diluting fltdd is then drawn into the tube until the mark

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object that it came in contact with falling in a paroxytnal con

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in pleurodynia by firmly strapping the affected side with broad

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of the transaction as the veterinarian did not like charging a fee

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of dizziness and pain in the head the urine contains a large

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recommended to be given beginning with one grain twice a day

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BcUndonna. Cough and tickling of tlic throat with bleeding

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sudden suppression use the warm sitting bath or foot l ath. Ap

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as typhoid fever cardiac degeneration collapse etc. It may occur

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work leads to ruptured compensation a condition attended by cyano

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with moist rales because the bronchial secretion is at first viscid

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the left and well heard to the right. These symptoms are

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number of years. With persistent treatment recovery is rather

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in the valves. If the alkalies fail and the inflammation shows a


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Marshmallow and Peach leaves may be taken. Ten or twenty

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ation of Sind the trephining through the nasal bone was nec

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with atrophy and gray discoloration of the nerve roots from the

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will make its appearance after the urine has stood for a time there

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Cancer is distinguished by its. longer course history nodular enlarge

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Chronic peritonitis is usually of tuberculous origin a amp XKftSsftSsw

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the study or practice of comparative medicine. Of none the

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points of greatest intensity at which the several murmurs are heard

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The following has been used with considerable success

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our domestic animals because of their money value and espe