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Dear Sir Your letter of the th inst. addressed to Dr.
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among others I recorded the trials through which the vaccine
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The first of these modes affords the most correct and ready in
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should be given in small quantities. During recovery the diet
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Hepar Sulphur. If there is a sensation of laceration or bruised
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The hip joint or head of the thigh bone may be dislocated in
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popular remedy said to prevent the formation of stys is to rub a
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cattle but if upon equal exposure we find that the unvacci
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Verruca acuminata known also as the pointed wart the moist
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ulcerative lymphangitis in whatever part of the world it has ap
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majority of cases however all that can be done is to treat symptoms
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mountable in our present condition of organized society. The
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istration book kept by the Board. To isolate and control illegal
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power of the right heart now fail hypostatic manifestations appear.
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the patients complain of vertigo mental confusion and headache.
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continuous headache ringing in the ears photophobia vertigo
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soor stomatomycosis aphthae. Note. This is not aphthous stoma
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and surra in horses were described by Laveran and GrifEeth
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persistent character containing blood in the advanced stages enlarge
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menthol and preparations of tar may be added to the preceding
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Prognosis. The outlook is unfavorable in all forms. In trau
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clined to think that this requires fuither corroboration. Xocard