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and infarcts. Treatment should be directed toward the associated

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Treatment This is mainly dietetic the food should be nutritious

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disease we vaguely recall as South African horse disease.

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others they may be repeated daily. With the termination of an

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sacrifice. One of the reasons I started medical school

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smokers it consists of irregular smooth white patches on the tongue

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the night and thus disturbs sleep. At first a small amount of

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nerve tracts are invaded. Trophic disturbances are seldom present.

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The application of the iodine and the creosote Vasogen prep

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by reason of its weight sinks in the exudate and that especially

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Secretary W. H. Gribble of the Ohio State Veterinary

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three to six times daily have been advised by some and condemned


Recently a large number of cattle amounting to several

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which show that acute articular rheumatism is usually attended

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should be avoided such as lifting heavy articles sudden strains

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ica externally. If bronchitis or pneumonia or other diseases

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result of ulceration tuberculous or cancerous and grave blood dis

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for advertising such stallion shall contain a copy of its certifi

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written about adrenaline therefore it is not necessary to say

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Burdock and Plantain leaves bound upon the leg are useful.

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than she wlio has not. Miscarriages are most liable to occur at

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said which will provoke a discussion that will benefit us all

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found in persons who have rickets. The cause is unknown. The

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jects which in tiuTi dominate the life of the individual. The most

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to the mechanical part of the book which reflects credit upon

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