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could not ask for two finer people to call my parents.

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in successive chapters diseases of the organs of digestion of the

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for a few days give small doses of potassium chlorate dissolved

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mals. To be sure many of these would to day be termed

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indicated. The character of the food shotdd be regulated being

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sneezing chilliness loss of taste and smell sometimes when the

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alizarin is sometimes used neutralization of the gastric filtrate

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of the liver limbs stiff frequent discharges from ihe bowels and

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Gotham. Heretofore it has been the custom to sell off the fire

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of the heart feeling of constriction across the chest pale coun

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be authorized as representative of this Association at the hear

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Nothing however should be taken of a stimulating nature. It is

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Legislative Committee and recommended that the question of

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ulceration stirgical cleanliness is all that is necessary.

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formulas but in very weak strength in order to avoid inducing

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removal of the parathyroid gland pregnancy etc. It is usually seen

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whey. If there is cough remaining after the disease is subdued

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airy. Care must be taken that it be well ventilated moderately

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with absolute certainty. The points of orientation are marked

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Frequently the lower lobe of the left lung is compressed until

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whose fame as a logician and political economist has gone

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man may at his own request be transferred to some region where

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ment which appeared to give some relief for a short time.

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duced yet its popularity has increased each year until now a

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of the same duration. Rarely the various periods are of irregular

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and a grain or two of Quinine to each dose should be substituted.

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ommended Resolved By this Association that the petition of

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Prognosis. The prognosis in cases of perichondritis of the

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and are used as government inspectors in charge of these quar

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occurs especially in blacksmiths locksmiths seamen wine growers

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Inhalations from the onset are not only soothing but ciurative in

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hour of explanation to convince your client that the trouble is

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upon an insufficient amount of bile antitoxine injected then it

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swer are only sent to those offenders who from ignorance or

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a good dip over these parts. Burn all clippings of wool and

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is spread uniformly over the surface in scarlet rash the eruption

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observed over its area. Bulging over the lower part of the sternum

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the process of glanders. These conditions may be realized

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Give a simple emetic as equal parts of Lobelia and Ipecac teat

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Exaggerated respiration differs from the normal vesicular respira

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paste applied as a plaster. While the area is discharging it should

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