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Bureau of Animal Industry. Some government veterinary in

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go. In this volume Animal Dentistry and Diseases of the

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that the hand cannot enter without making a laceration. In

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heaviness languor pains in the back loins and down the thighs

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Paresthesia is a term applied to abnormal sensations in the skin such

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duced considerable redness and hot fomentations of hops and tansy

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dors of meats which are diseased and contaminated. Means

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no pus escaped but it kept enlarging until finally it extended

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the heart especially those of the left side and the alterations

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or where the bacteria of certain diseases are carried to a consid

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soft sponge wrung out in water should be held at the eyelids for

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ing tingling smarting pain and sense of heat. The intensity of

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The disease was so prevalent in a locality in the southern part

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easily decomposes only small quantities should be ordered and

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tervals of from three to six hours. Aconite is the most suitable

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nates below in the neck which is about half an inch across its

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moderate rigidity with alterations in the gait and at times mental

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generally well inflated were heavy soggy somewhat leathery

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Give sweet spirits of nitre one ounce and elixir of acetate of

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particularly as to their unprofessional tactics it was decided