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may be manifested. The tongue is usually broad flabby and pale
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National Association. The members took the same view of the
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grade imbecile with the difference that the trouble may not be so
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stock shown will be slaughtered and the diseased parts dis
sodden and thickened from long contact with the fluid.
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spend the rest of my life with you. I appreciate your
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that the army veterinary service has been a sore spot in the body
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ment upward a man may be transferred to the chiefship of a
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Staphysagria Calcarea Sepia Silicea and Thuja are the reme
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Owing to the nature of the food of the horse the teeth must
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been my good fortune to learn as to experience and views of
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physician to persons desiring to take the treatment at home.
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against undertaking similar treatment on mules saying that he
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Leeches should be applied over the lower part of the bowels and
stomach and bowels worse after vomiting with cramp like pains in
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be drank frequently with benefit. The following compound maj
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trophy of the left auricle occurs when an imdulatory impulse is
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prohibit docking or the importation of docked horses except episode
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combat the anemia and potassium iodide may be of value in lessening
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The first stage is marked by congestion and irregularly diffused
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Treatment. Patients suffering from acute dementia should be
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pride in and find much comfort in the fact that we will be
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he sees the methods and schemes of men and their ways and
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vantage. Apply at night before retiring always rubbing tlie limb
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its adoption demands a thorough imderstanding of food composition
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binth equal parts and the treatment continued twice daily for
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Symptoms. An attack is generally sudden and attended with
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of the muscles of deglutition. There was a very offensive odor
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should be spread conveniently upon the bed and two woolen bian
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all that was found. The incision was packed with iodoform
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bread with butter and oimces of milk dinner or ounces of bread
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of such low virulence that they cannot infect an animal of the
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health of the mother for any medicine which is powerful enougi
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of Silver or Nitric Acid or Red Precipitate. Internally give
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glottis by means of derivatives hot sponges leeches counter irri
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in creolin injections severe diet opium and aconite internally.
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should be their watchword throughout each of their careers. No
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Chairman Clarence J. Marshall of Pennsylvania read the gen