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sity of Minnesota before the Minnesota State Dairyman s Asso
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although their capacity may be relatively increased.
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it and should be kept quiet for at least thirty or forty minutes
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ball stupefying headache worse in the light of day dizziness.
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convalescence and when the condition tends to become chronic the
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Prognosis. The outlook depends upon whether auricular hyper
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twelve globules in twelve teaspoonfuls of water and give a tea
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without reason mentioned as causes. Closely related to the toxic
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sign because layers of exudate gradually increasing in thickness
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with a cheerful temper then the milk is regularly abundant and
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Glanders is a rather rare disease in that State only horses
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The diet should consist of rice arrowroot corn starch thin flour
extremities. The history of some toxic condition will also aid in
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only instance where resort to the ballot had to be had was in
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proud of all of your achievements. Thank you for not yelling at
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Should Bryonia produce little or no improvement give Rhus.
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Treatment As long as the slow cardiac pulsations are sufficient
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in the head nausea and dizziness at night or in the mornint on
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parts of Elm Bark and Lobelia leaves. Sometimes steaming the
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have been emphn ed lime water lactic acid from. to.
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tions poured into the bowels intestinal inflammation and entozoa.
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sweat follicles of the skin and are caused by some obstruction to
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but the appetite remains good and the general health is not af
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longer able to reveal the fungus. The jc ray has been used with
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dents as may be safely managed by any intelligent person with
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trypanosomidse is rendered difficult by their multiplicity of
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though he explained that his experience with it was so limited
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in advance to educate as it were those interested in its pass
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and sulphur j gni. twice daily have been highly recommended
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The time elapsing before the meeting of the American
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ground the drainage the handling of contagious diseases iso
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place and the most favorable time for holding meetings. He
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fibrinous inflammation of the larynx croup and at times also with
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Spinal meningeal hemorrhage is more sudden in its onset is more
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The normal odor of urine is a peculiar well known aromatic one
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the armpit as the inflammation progresses the breast swells and
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Treatment. Treatment of dilatation of the heart is indi
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best is the common sticking plaster and for slight wounds and abra
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