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S. On your arrival at Cleveland hand your certificate to Dr.

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The tincture of digitalis in doses of ten or fifteen drops three or

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Mrs. Austin widow of a member of our Association was

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the supply of blood to the heart muscle and to the brain ceases.

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spinal cord and spinal paralysis or the aneurysm ruptures and

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Mercury. Vertigo worse in the morning or evening with dim

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measures recommended imder Acute Leptomeningitis may be of

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the art of dentistry with the same dignity as the other branches

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Chairman Clarence J. Marshall of Pennsylvania read the gen

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use of balsamics especially in cases of chronic bronchial catarrh.

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give Belladonna and Cuprum in alternation a dose every fifteen or

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turn to America. The latter has been studying in Europe for

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county in which said stallion is used for public service.

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syphilis mercury and the iodides should be given in full doses. In

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hygiene etc. may arrest its progress. In marked enlargement