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Uridrosis is the designation when the excretion from the sweat
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of Syrup of Ginger. Dose a teaspoonful. The bowels may be
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adjunct to the medicinal treatment. Surgical intervention may be
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ply to an article republished in a recent number of this jour
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Mix well over a slow fire. Perfume with Cologne Oil of Roses
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the cornstalk disease. The Doctor read a very interesting
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face neck chest and back. Each elevation or blackhead or point is
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He removed to California three years ago because of the poor
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read and adopted. The Treasurer s report of accounts was read
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It is supposed by some to be hereditary and would certainly ap
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Prognosis. Vesicular emphysema is essentially a chronic
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It is therefore customary to make a distinction between simple
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pain be felt caused by the stone lodging over the mouth of the
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sequence of stasis in the retrobulbar veins. The blue lips are
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be attributed to a primary nervous trouble. Two days later an
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its stinging properties when first applied aN d i irarc gt ss.xssss gt.
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If tlie patient is large and fleshy of full habit the following ia
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When the lonsils become enlarged and remain so the following
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to return after a few hours sleep or during the following night the
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tensity of the glycosuria was in direct proportion with the