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Committee on Veterinary Diseases Paul Fischer W. A. Ax
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by an unsympathetic relation existing between the veterinarian
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possible. Elevate the head and apply cold either cold cloths or the
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stomach is strengthened. The Oxide of Bismuth mij be used
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the mucosa is found measuring the size of a silver dollar. Not
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morning hours nocturnal tetany. Gray has observed excellent
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the true cause be promptly ascertained. In scabies the eruption is
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Several cases of sickness and lameness were exhibited. Dr.
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is made between periphercd and axial bronchiectases. Saccular
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artery of the scapula posterior intercostal arteries thoracic aorta.
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Discernment should also reign in the interpretation of the
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passage were fruitless. The cow was slaughtered and at the
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very fine dry crackling sounds heard at the end of inspiration
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the limbs grow cold and the features are pinched and sharp the
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short harassing cough with little or no expectoration. The pulse is
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diabetes jatmdice chronic rheumatism gout carbon dioxide and
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unless we succeed in thoroughly cleaning the joint the opera
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spoonfuls of water and give a teaspoonful for a dose.
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horseshoer could successfully compete with finely educated men
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In cases in which chlorosis or anemia exists tonics such as iron
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not marked. Apparently he disliked to move about much.
is unknown. Her pulse is quick the mucous membranes are
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tapping the tendons while the corresponding muscles are placed
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such substances to the diseased area as will induce involution of the
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sense of weight in the forehead oppression at the chest and diffi
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Synonjrms. Hepatic calculi gall stones hepatic colic biliary
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laryngeal mucous membrane with a sound induces no reflex move
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Prognosis of Aortic Aneurysm. UnfavorabYe. TVi mt Wotv ol
Miss Debbie who taught me that Happy Monday is not an oxymoron
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Mix. Dose a wine glass full every two hours until an operation
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rounded circumscribed smooth white patches of baldness. There
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pericardia carifij commynirafes vifli air confaininq vis cera or through the
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the authors of the report from many errors which they have un
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regularly convex the incisive pad is also deformed and en
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the capillary circulation of the pulmonary system changes
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idioapthic cases which are rare it terminates in health within a few
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of scientific know ledge is a bar to personal practical usefulness.
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sense of duty shuts out great difficulties. The work is done
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little for ourselves. The writer has been accused of ignoring
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name of location of the college or university of which said ap
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ing can be noticed. The serous covering of the intestines at
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by the Bayer method described in Williams translation of
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tuted recovery is possible but without it asphjrxia and death are