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Mix and make into twenty pills. Dose one pill night and

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be allowed to either sick or convalescent. Toast water may be

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sight the pulse diminishes the face becomes deadly pale and the

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cult breathing and scanty expectoration followed by the expulsion

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quently becomes more abundant and more diffluent the alkalies

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prodromata. Pallor headache pain in back and joints giddiness

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The steaming was continued four consecutive days but the

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This is a malignant boil which seldom suppurates but discharges

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drum stick fingers Fig.. At the same time there is a tendency

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before delivery and so tender that the weiglit of the bed clothes


If the fracture be oblique the limb will be shortened when the

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is retentive ice milk and lime water champagne and brandy may

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of sedentary habits who have no opportunity to take exercise

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cold surface rapid feeble pulse spasmodic contractions of the

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me your initials again I said K. I beg your pardon

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that every veterinarian keep a record of cases as protection

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Eczema runs its course either as an acute affection lasting a few

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must be reduced according to the age of the patient. At night

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them are parasitic ailments like mange scab scabies tape

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bowels should be obtained by the administration of fractional doses

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Antipyrine and other coal tar products are not infrequently folic

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Causes. The kidney is normally held in position by the layer of

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whistling character. At the same time examination of the rcspi

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the yearly average of and at the most unfavorable season

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are truly my better half. Thank you for all that you do

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hcsmorrhoidalis and these I considered as the source of this

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continuous with a short interval between each act this may be