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Federal regulations are unfit for food from those fit for food and

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Though but four years old Evarts S. D. claims to be the

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Phenacetin acetanilide belladonna and cannabis indica will often

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the meantime the fore limb became swollen twice the normal size.

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After considerable discussion regarding the report of the Board

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Keep out all sheep and scatter quicklime and other antiseptics

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present. In severe cases strangury and vesical tenesmus may be

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cation of its celltdar structure resembling the tissue of the spleen

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two troubles I never have to keep the animal away from work

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the essential qualifications necessary to place him on an equal

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ter of the renal secretion may be altered by the administration of

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down areas in the white matter of both hemispheres. The sur

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several days. The vomitus is large in amotmt and consists of un

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Bless your soul. Sir no Then why do you take them on this

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This is a contagious disease occurring generally but once in the

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Anatomic Alterations. Perichondritis of the larynx leads

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quired of a Federal veterinary inspector. Many forms of the

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be diminished or absent or rarely it may be exaggerated with a