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and audible at a distance of several feet. This spasm accom

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sively. The lungs had a few blackish spots the pleura also.

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indicated a combined valvular lesion. In order to diagnose an

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caused by tickling in the throat short fits of coughing following

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tient is full blooded but when there is debility and general weak

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fatal termination. But both symptoms taken together if they

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polypi. An uncommon variety of cardiac thrombus is the globular thrombus

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breathing constant dull pains in the head with a sense of weight


resultant liquid and the whole shaken together and boiled. The

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Laryngeal cough occurs principally in pale and nervous per

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of rose water or glycerine. The watery solution of opium is a

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Cold applications relieve this pain for awhile. It is worse when

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The bowels skin and kidneys should be kept in action using if

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Mr. Michael You are the best. Thank you for your unwavering

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on the same animal. The first stage of the larvae takes place in

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sible. It does not seem likely that general agreement would