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Dr. H. Fulstow exhibited the photograph of a horse with

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the same local cardiac alterations as a collection of pericardial fluid exudate

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ure to extremes of heat and cold some particular kinds of food etc.

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teat tied with soft woolen string. Cow was catheterized prop

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Prognosis. The prognosis is generally favorable recovery occiu

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distinctly nodular and lumpy and pustules develop about the open

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by the bunch at the point of the shoulder the elbow is tlirown

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one has a cough in none can a sign of tuberculosis be detected.

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and the lesions undergo spontaneous involution in from a week to

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Respiration is quietened. There are also irritability of temper

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sis disseminated sclerosis incomplete lesions of the cord above the

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This membrane is a vascular network held by connective tissue.

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if unmolested. Or suppose we allow glanders free spread

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The fever does not cease on the appearance of the eruption but

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human beings than are the fleas of rats in the colder regions

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was beginning. In nine the tumor sloughed off leaving a

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hemic murmurs are often heard. There is loss of appetite and

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and thirst. The eruption generally appears on the fourth day anc


Administration of Remedies. Dissolve of the chosen remedy

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that this mass is returned into the abdomen. But even then re

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catarrhal rhinitis in accordance with the duration and the course

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follicles and subcutaneous tissues of the hairy portion of the face and

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body attacked by the parasite are the hands especially the sides of

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each of Cloves and Cinnamon and a tablespoonful of flour mois

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The condition of the general health should receive very close atten

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Definition. A functional disorder of the stomach with deficient

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back part of the throat palate and tonsils which interferes

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Embolism of the splenic artery is characterized by the appearance of

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retary if we should adopt a system of registering by card or in

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shall use as their standard for action the stud books and signa

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waxm water. Put the patient to bed and place around him hot

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both prominent as dam lines or more effeminate than Darley

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a day. If this does not relieve give Mercury in alternation with

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tion of the superior dental arch elevation of the hard palate and the

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calomel digitalis and squiU when given after each meal. This pill

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addition to the hot applications and hot enemas. Fluidextract of