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cold stage begins. About the best is a decoction of boneset

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more common in men than in women and may occur at any age.

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In very young infants if the catarrh is not rapidly relieved loss of

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oil. Terpin hydrate acts remarkably well in many lingering cases.

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flushes of heat until the fever becomes general nausea and vomit

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mechanical feeding must be practised. The late Dr. Gray was a

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liquid arsenical preparations i per cent. remain as heretofore.

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perhaps more common in this form of injury than in any other

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the hot bath should be employed and a hjrpodermic injection of

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Ignatia. When the patient starts suddenly from sleep with

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Subconjunctival ecchymoses. Disorders of vision. Albuminuric

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plishments. But above all let no professors deans directors or

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to urge its readers whether members of the Association or not

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is original in diagnosis and treatment but in the originality of

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tend an invitation to the American Veterinary Medical Associ

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Occasionally callosities are complicated by hyperemia fissures

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doses of from five to twenty drops according to the age of the

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coffee tobacco and the like. Many persons suffer repeatedly from

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