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subside galvanism or a feeble slowly interrupted faradic current
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Other remedies which may be used after this are Belladonna
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practised with outbreaks of vulgar obscene and profane language
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or part of the body and consists in some affection of the spinal
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Filtration through a very porous filter of discharge diluted
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deglutition are difl amp cult the mouth is hot the saliva dribbles away
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left to the inspector which he may use as he pleases. Packing
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The magnesium test for phosphates consists in the addition of a mix
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investigators. The forms of conjugation described by Plimmer
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tomar Aemeisgiven ve compound cathartic pills and gr. of blue mass
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Ventral Hernia when the rupture occurs at any part of the
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Ipecac. Before the cold stage stretching and lassitude with
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pilocarpine. In congenital cases the treatment is of no benefit.
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disappears in one place and reappears in another also when it
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bread with butter and oimces of milk dinner or ounces of bread
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traction. In the early stages of degeneration the anodal and kathodal
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indicated. The animal well prepared with all precautions of
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chronic bronchial catarrh the mucous membrane exhibits rather a
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Causes. Atmospheric changes or taking cold excesses in
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killed she was submitted to the tuberculin test with the re
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ultimately involving all the joints and rendering the patient a help
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Embolism in the cotirse of endocarditis produces an additional
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cold. Another Tincture of Lobelia Tincture of Bayberry bark
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mended for this complaint a dose should be taken everv evening
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of the body and the area of dullness is correspondingly movable.
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Cuprum. When there are severe spasms of the limbs cramps
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M. S. Teaspoonful at once repeat in half an hour once or
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Other remedies are Calcarea Iodine Arsenic Sepia Silicea
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was voted that the Secretary cast one ballot for the election of
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and the offending agent thorough cleansing of the entire hoof
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the chest well before commencing to articulate and then slowly