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globules dissolved in twelve teaspoonfuls of water and a teaspoon

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phase reveals problem beneath problem though the young in

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atically resort will often be had especially to heart tonics and particularly

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nally a mixture of equal parts of the tincture of Black Cohosh

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becomes feverish with pain in the limbs and side and head give

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them in a closed building and burning alcohol and sulphur re

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Hepar Sulplinr. May be given for the same symptoms as Bella

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Symptoms. The manifestations of biliary calculi vary according

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afflicted with mangfe which had resisted treatment for a long

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Dear Sirs There will be in connection with the Eighth

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a drop of camphor on the tongue from time to time. As more

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and is best effected by the post nasal syringe with either simple or

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At least the large and powerful muscles which are situated in

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spasm. The affection is associated with some disturbance of the

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to form with the median line an angle of degrees. A second

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ing normal varying in degree from a slight advance upon middle

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climate light snow storms alternating with thaws the frost

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ca in it. Other agents for this purpose are solutions of tannin

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ening calcification and contraction of the valvular tissue. These

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muscle confined to the local or cardiac alterations described and

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tissue is destroyed. At times the myocardium is involved through

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oxybutyric acid called the acetone bodies are foimd in the urine

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sist principally in encouragement and in daily methodical speech

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limitations. Symptomatic treatment aims principally at the cor

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skin after which ointment of zinc oxide should be gently rubbed