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Hypertrophy of the right ventricle is followed by that of the left

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of food on the th and drinking more water than it could hold

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nessed in the history of the surgical clinic. And it came very

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sections through the heart muscle. Sucli changes are found with especial

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Pathological Anatomy. Hyperemia is the earliest change and is

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Regularity should be practiced in the administration of its food

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ing the uterus almost alone to expel the foetus. It therefore

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vent the movement of scabby sheep except under U. S. regula

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exercise want of sleep excessive fatigue luxurious living. The

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Mix and take at one dose. Repeat immediately after each

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and intense emotional excitement may help to produce the condition.

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valves are contracted or adherent to the ventricle. It may be due

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In the distinct variety it generally declines with the pustules.

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The recognition of the disease is easy from its paroxysmal occur

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great friends. I know you will all succeed in whatever

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was amended and the cause of the lameness assigned to low

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thorax independently of each other. It may be of importance

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