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Strychnine is contraindicated as it increases the tendency to con
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ing pains in the stomach vomiting of acid or bilious matter vio
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rosacea. The disease may remain in this state or rarely the cu
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Hemiplegia usually results from hemorrhage at the base of the
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sometimes albuminous and there may be irregular fever.
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liver is indurated frre lar nodulated and paxn L oa v
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The cough should be kept loose by drinking freely of flax seed
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Dissolve the extract of Logwood in the water and then add the
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in crops assodated with slight lassitude mild febrile reaction and
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present. Involuntary urination and defecation are frequent. The
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Treatment The most important point in the treatment is the
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reason for this is obvious. The chairman is in a better position
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treated is any more valuable than one not operated on. This
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lege. Inspection of laboratories and exhibition of specimens.
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Gaines Denmark were both in the same stable when the dam
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single at times multiple characterized by irregul febrile attacks
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inal opening enlarged freely and the granulations curetted away
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slowly and insidiously without any symptoms of mania or melan
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Granular casts are made up of coagulated material and granular
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culation is obstructed from obliteration of their respective radicles.
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excitation of the animal generalized muscular twitchings in
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endocarditic inflammatory areas at times specific bacteria such as
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sluts which were previous to it unfit to be kept. One
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Drastic changes are so much easier to make when surrounded by