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Symptoms. Acute pericarditis may be well marked s.

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emaller joint the pain continues to increase in violence or after

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warm bath the Turkish bath the warm pack and vapor or hot air

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hoarseness cough more or less loss of voice and pain on deglutition.

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cation little or no expectoration severe pain in the chest lieavi

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The local application to the affected muscles of hot poultices

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only in consequence of constriction and distortion of the orifices of vessels

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in early life and recurs at intervals for years. It is not contagious.

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tor on all that relates to tuberculosis and to tuberculin has con

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sign because layers of exudate gradually increasing in thickness

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Dose one teaspoonful every hour in a little cold water between

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murs are audible over the lieart. Changes in the duct of Botal

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report will be immediately returned for all specimens sent either

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a. small lump of butter into the water and when melted add the

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crowned with success and that the clinic will be worthy of our

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mation in the joint Thermofuge was now applied and changed

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labio laryngeal paralysis the second form comes suddenly with

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nearly the same size as the red blood corpuscles. It is surrotmded by

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Nux Vomica and Sulphur are the principal remedies Nux

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or there is sickness of the stomach. To promote the action of the

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may be given in the order named a dose six globules every day.

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the essential qualifications necessary to place him on an equal

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scesses when they were first opened was thick and almost white

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of the Itmg and is associated with impairment of the normal pul

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in the sitting posture and most frequent in the standing posture.

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one has a cough in none can a sign of tuberculosis be detected.

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Curtiss and Willson Avenues about twenty minutes ride from

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the Belladonna may be given as often as once an hour until the

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The best times for bathing are on rising in the morning at ten

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the breast and the feet placed in hot water and the patient well

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Merillat has not in the comparatively few pages devoted to this

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and both intensely masculine and vigorous even their daugh

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is of great value. Carbolized vaseline per cent. is a useful

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Pathology. The diseased or better deformed skin is found

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der of ligament until its outlines were plainly brought to view.

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first articles to be allowed these may be followed by beef tea

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hand the occluded vessel be one of Cohnheim s terminal arteries

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the anterior tibial or peroneal nerve in the leg and the radial branch

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conjunctiva and the retina. In these structures hemorrhages may