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showed films or flakes of fibrin partly or wholly organized and

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that normally the edge of the liver is seldom felt by the examining

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Apply cold water freely to the head and face and place the feet

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in back and limbs. The seat of inflammation soon begins to swell

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This may be caused by neglect of the acute Catarrh or from

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disposition to normal increase of pigment as the face backs of the

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mean to the patient either human or veterinary if the prescriber

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should be thought of by the practitioners. It was discussed as

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requirements and the man who to day ministers to the welfare

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companied by a peculiar noise. After a large quantity has al

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perspiration should be kept up for two or three hours or longer

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respects and so important in view of what seems to.be reason

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able to withstand the debilitating effects of disease.

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Complications. Bronchitis pneumonia pleurisy pericarditis car

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when each carcass is eviscerated on the cattle killing floor an


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thought or said but to nature. Fourth wordings in statements

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thanks for showing me how to live without ever telling me how to

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It may sometimes be avoided by the patient taking a cup of


from spreading over the head by painting a line around the border

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But we hold that the experiments that have been made show

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in farriery in the British army and was therefore recognized

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chosen. I know that if you keep your childlike inquisitiveness and your

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ing by the enthusiastic terms in which he described his trip to

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ing the work of this congress as embodying the sense I

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for him. By means however of physical exercises that arouse and of

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avoiding these difficulties. It is so absolutely non poisonous that it is

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tmins of the spinal cord which shows a predilection for certain fami

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patients are unable to speak aloud and complain principally of a

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some special reports from the same source of interest to veteri

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Notice that the Horse Stands with the Fore Legs Crossed. Died on the

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firm upward pressure in the premammary region with the hand

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Causes. It is most frequent in childhood especially during the

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