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upon the respiratory system from without by tutaot s. ia c isKsci.
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in the abdomen with constipation rumbling nausea coldness of
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months or years. The mind is sometimes weakened and memory
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of Chamomile flowers Boneset Mayweed or powdered Mustard in
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The feet should be frequently bathed with warm weak lye water
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Anthrax has been reported from the north central portion of
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disease has been divided into four stages which are as follows
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Mix. and boil them three minutes strain and take a teacupful
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loses almost all these properties. As the experiments conducted
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inflammation but there still remains severe tearing si itch like
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Infectious. A disease which is communicated from one person to another.
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region of the liver the evacuations have a very putrid smell and
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Chicken Panada. Take the white meat of a chicken having
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perature. F. lienteric diarrhoea and in a semi delirious
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proportions is dangerous as in most cases the disease is aggravated.
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are of benefit. If the muscular excitement is pronounced good
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