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county in which said stallion is used for public service.
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injection. Inflated with air and tied teats. Removed the cloth
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with a weak solution of Alum or Sulphate of Zinc one grain
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hogs and other animals and the carcasses and products thereof
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of size. Stating that a horse has plenty of timber under him
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with serious tinnitus aurium and the vertiginous sensations are of
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wide felt need in our country for a familiar treatise in compact
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nation is preceded by eructation vomiting discharge of flatus
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Then along about midnight your phone will ring and you
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perhaps also in other countries. But if my memory is not
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observed on the nose cheeks ears and scalp. Attention is first
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Antwionium. Dull boring pains especially in the bones of the
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oil of origanum and laudanum each one ounce. Mix and rub on
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when those affections are described. The most likely conditions
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tenderness on pressure sometimes nausea and vomiting headache
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of the arterial blood. The blood is pale in chlorosis hydremia and
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result of ulcer of the stomach in these cases however the raising of
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vary according to the part of the arch involved. This is well shown
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sulation or decortication of the kidney m Hs easfc Ca covax fer
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parasites eye strain etc. may induce epileptoid convulsions which
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characteristics as the preceding with the exceptions that the nucleus
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effusion is frequently overlooked and often terminates favorably with
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everywhere in the investigation of animal diseases and an im
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central veins with blood a peculiar appearance is noted suggest
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seven volumes of sodium hypochlorite solution a oss ol otva x fc
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Abdominal tumors resting on the aorta may transmit its pulsation.
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this will sometimes relieve quickly. Or take half a teaspoonful
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