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their relation to yellow fever. The utmost gravity of the possi

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The patient before taking the bath should wash his hands and face

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to expel it there will generally be fullness in the lower part f

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Greasing the nostril with lard sweet oil or mutton suet and

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Edema of the lungs is a bilateral disease associated with a short

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Tonsils. Gandular bodies situated at the back part of the throat.

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means pain in the nerve as the pain generally follows along the

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resembles custard. For an adult a tumblerful may be given three

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the disliked cause of the trouble the School of Medicine was

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the color being aggravated by contact with water or cold air. If

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prevail upon those who are unfortunate enough to possess glan

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Bryonia. Asthma worse by motion and in the night with

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of Nitrate of Mercury and simple cerate spread on lint or soft

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of reporting it to my brother practitioners. These two remedies

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half hour. If these afford no relief give Ipecac or Camphor.

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Antimonium Crudum. In cases where constipation and diarrhoea

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The administration of effervescing citrate of lithium j gin.

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the vocal bands. At times however the anesthesia involves the

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and let the mixture stand fourteen days and filter applied exter

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changes are often noticed depression of spirits decline in firmness

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Eczema Squamosum. This is also a clinical variety. It occurs

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as fear or anger luxurious living excess in use of stimulants

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and Bradford were explained by others as phases of a longitudi

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drinking often restless the discharge acrid and corrosive soreness

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am today. You have both always being there for me in every woy

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rights of research and the free play of the scientific spirit every

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glued together by the exudation and crusts. Eczema labiorum may

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skin due to the trichophyton fungus characterized by the develop