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isms which surround them. Some cases however are on record

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cidents to beasts of burden occur. W e know of no more pitiful

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Anatomic Alterations. The anatomic alterations attending

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Treatment. Treatment should not be undertaken by any but a

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Pathological Anatomy. The blood is dark and fluid and its com

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Sensory Phenomena. Sensibility may be increased hyperesthesia

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sound skin apply freely and repeat daily if necessary. Nitrate

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spoonful every half hour hour two or three hours according to

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Symptoms. The pain shoots from the chest through the back


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avoiding a present catastrophe and learn the nature of the cause

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Speaking of communications I received from the States I

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One evening in the spring April I was called to attend a

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poultice or fomentation of Hops Tansy or Boneset may be applied

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could take care of but for about a month previous to my visit

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two millions of these packages were stamped last year while

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weak tea hot lemonade toast water. Place heated bricks or

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stantly and violently writhes from pain and passes fteces only

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cough is present from the beginning but sometimes it is moist and

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soon as the stiffness of the muscles is relaxed dry the body

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Mix. and boil them three minutes strain and take a teacupful

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you have always said you wanted to help people. After many

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the characteristics of a tube that would prove most practical.

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Varieties. I. Simple hypertrophy or a simple increase in the

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Synonyms. Pseudo muscular hypertrophy lipomatous muscular

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and sensitive passed one gallon of urine in a normal manner

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tee and made him secretary of it. Through some oversight this

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