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with a glove finger that has been cut open. Sjjindlc sJujpcd

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into proprietory provinces. Indeed there is an English firm

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ally relief follows a free venesection or the application of wet cups to

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Cedron. Paroxysms come on at o clock in the evening pre

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tion in a monotonous round of the simplest daily tasks he finds his

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becoming to a gentleman. The personality that he maintains

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crying the legs are not tender at this stage but soon ill defined

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the arch also gives rise to alteration in the radial pulse. When the

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fjolutely unbearable. It is doubtful as to what is the cause of it.

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Asthma is attended by marked dyspnea hyper resonance on per

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During the maturation or ripening and discharging of the ovum

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wool at present is Persian followed next by camel s hair. Steam

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Medical University ofSC M.S. Clinical Laboratory Sciences

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were requested to call on the Governor reported that Gov. War

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correction during the meeting. It is proposed to make a greater

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ahhough older persons have been attacked even up to seventy

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The exciting cause is either too forcible and long continued inspira

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the throat hoarseness with pain in the throat after spitting.

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M. A detailing the results of investigations of institu

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Chloride of Lime or weak solution of Nitrate of Silver one grain

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son to scrutinize closely the advertised and actual courses of such

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Cinnanwn. When arnica fails to have the desired effect.

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excited especially when the stomach is out of order wounds and

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greatly enlightened upon the subject and warmly applauded the

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For description etc. of the chief intestinal parasites see above

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laboratory animals. Through the use of the farm we have

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and contents were fluid except the rectum and colon which

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Veterinary Medical Society if any such have been misled by

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and there was such probability of another attack that the ani

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ova or eggs every twentv eighth day from the age of fifteen to

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in front. Effusion of the left pleural cavity obliterates Traube s

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rule of transfer applies in yet another way. Men may be asked


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Senate and passed the several readings and was passed to be

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Wash well every evening before going to bed with water and

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If the bowels are deranged give the Compound Syrup of Rhu

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headquarters. The large ring of the Academy covered with tan

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evening. The digestive tract should also receive attention. The

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If ai ler the fever is broken the patient still remains weak and

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should be avoided and nothing but plain nourishing food be taken.

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Mix divide into pills of four grains each and give a pill every